Explainer Animations

We create unique, custom made explainer animations and other motion graphics. We don’t see these as just moving pictures and graphics, but as visual representations that capture the essence of our client’s ethos and communication intentions, creating unique, recognizable and shareable content. Over the past four years we have worked on many projects for both local and international clients across a range of sectors; commercial, developmental, non-profit and many more.

Open PVR Explainer

Client: eTV

Jakes Gerwel Fellowship

Client: Jakes Gerwel

Binding Constraints

Client: Smart Start


Client: ACC

10 opportunities to change South Africa

Client: DGMT

ACI Worldwide - “ UOB Alexa" 

Client: Electric Storm

Leigh Day 

Client: Leigh Day

Open PVR Explainer

Client: eTV


Client: Ambrose Business Solutions


Client: Nucleotrace

Discovery Health product bouquet

Client: Discovery Health

Corruption Part 2

Client: ACC

Financial tips: Avoiding Heard Mentality

Client: Sanlam

Incremental Upgrading of informal settlements

Client: Isandla Institute

The Association of Allan Gray Fellows

Client: The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

Schools Maths and Science Education

Client: Siyavula

Adaptation is about people  

Client: ASSAR

Cloud Services

Client: Snapplify

Sleep at Nightability

Client: ACI


Client: Fidelitone


Client: Allen Gray Orbis Foundation

Story Bosso

Client: N’ali Ba’li

Herd Behaviour

Client: Sanlam

Realtime Balance

Client: ACI

Your Voice

Client: Mediclinic

RPS Transformation

Client: ACI

SPRINT Animation 3: Key Ingredients for Successful Violence Prevention

Client: Isandla Institute


Client: Snapplify


Client: Drivesafe

You’re The Driver

Client: Driveabout

1 Million

Client: Smartstart

Rabies Awareness

Client: PG Australia

SPRINT Animation 2: Co-designing Safer Places Together

Client: Sprint

Binding Constraints Part 2

Client: Smart Start

Covid-19 PSA

Client: PG Australia

Allan Gray Scholarship

Client: Allen Gray Orbis Foundation

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