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At Anotherlove Productions we are excited about visual media and its ability to encourage, agitate, challenge, teach and activate audiences. We believe in the power of story and in collaboration, where filmmakers, film subjects, film screeners, educational institutions, audiences and political and social organizations co-operate in order to increase the efficiency and impact of a film and other visual media.


We are a small team  with a combined experience of over 50 years in the media industry. As an integrated team of professionals we offer photography, video, illustration, graphic design, motion graphics and explainer animations, producing projects that have all these elements or just one.

We are based in Cape Town, South Africa, but work with clients and teams all over the world. We take projects from conception right through to completion. We are as comfortable joining a project at any stage in the process, whether it’s early on helping with concept and medium selection, or executing part or all of an existing treatment and brief..


As a close team we work hard and have a lot of fun at the same time! We are happiest when our clients have enjoyed the process of working with us and have a piece of meaningful and effective communication at the end of it.

Bart Love

Director / Cinematographer / Photographer

Bart studied anthropology at the University of Cape Town. He has a strong interest in people and their different ways of ‘doing and seeing,’ as well as a passion for seeing things explained clearly and respectfully with words and images.

For the past 8 years Bart has been heading up the team at Anotherlove Productions working both in the development and commercial space, producing videos, animations, visual use strategies and software.  Bart has worked as a cinematographer in more than 19 different cities around the world. As a cameraman, director and producer he has experience in a range of genres including documentary, corporate, commercial, animation and software development.

Mark Tronson

Creative Director / Illustrator

Mark studied Graphic design at the Cape Technikon, South Africa majoring in Illustration.

He spent many years working with some of South Africa’s biggest brands while becoming efficient at the art of being creative under pressure. During his advertising years he never forgot nor neglected his passion for traditional and digital illustration. This lead him over the last 3 years to conceptualize the treatment  for, and then illustrate over 40 explainer animations. He heads up the illustration and graphics  team at Anotherlove Productions.

Steph Botha

Motion Designer / Art Director

Over the past 12 years Steph has done motion graphics and animations on projects ranging from television shows, documentaries, music videos and explainer animations.

She worked on the motion graphics for the highly acclaimed and award winning Shoreline series. She loves bringing Mark’s storyboards to life and over the last 3 years she has animated over 40 explainer animations.

Leasha Love

Director / editor

With a degree in Fine Art, Leasha is passionate about the art of the documentary film; in that complex process of storytelling that captivates and resonates with an audience purely because it is a good and well-told story.

She began working as a director and offline editor in 2006 for a local production house, directing several short and long format documentaries. Since starting Anotherlove she has scripted, directed and edited for a number of clients such as the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, Activate, SAIE (South African Institute for Entrepreneurship), loveLife, Gold Peer Education, the Isandla Institute and the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

Matt Raubenheimer

Editor / Assistant Production Manager

Matt is a video editor with a passion for film and storytelling. He received an honours degree in Film Theory and Practice at the University of Cape Town. 

Over the past few years he has written and edited a number of international award-winning short films. When not busy editing videos, Matt can usually be found getting his hands dirty working on steam locomotive and he is also the biggest James Bond fan that you are ever likely to meet.


Mirjam von Donk.

Director of the Isandla Institute


The Isandla Institute has had the pleasure of working with Anotherlove Productions on the production of its 2015 documentary Negotiating Space: Participation and Incrementalism in Informal Settlement Upgrading. The documentary seeks to instil debate and critical reflection on approaches to informal settlements in South Africa. An intensive process of clarifying the purpose and target audience, distilling core messages and determining what information to include underpinned the production of Negotiating Space. Anotherlove Productions has been instrumental in guiding this process – which was a valuable learning for Isandla Institute – and for producing a high quality product. Negotiating Space has been very well received by stakeholder in the sector and is most certainly a source of pride for the organisation.


In working with the team of Anotherlove Productions, we have found them to be highly professional, responsive, ethical and creative. They set a high standard for themselves, which is evident in their work process and the quality of outputs produced. I can highly recommend Anotherlove Productions. Should you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Judy-Marie Smith.

Director of Communications. The DG Murray Trust.


The DG Murray Trust is thrilled with the wonderful communication products that Anotherlove Productions have produced for us, but more than that, we really value the relationship that has developed in the process. The type of communication that we do is not easy - we try to inform, convince and inspire at the same time, and thus it was very exciting to discover that Bart and his team have a great intuitive understanding of what we are trying to achieve and could help us to bring facts and concepts to life in a very impactful way. It must also be mentioned that they are great to work with in terms of process. We tend to be a demanding client that is very specific about even the smallest aspects and we therefore really appreciate the collaborative and patient process with which they approached working with us. We definitely plan to be working with Anotherlove Productions frequently in the future.

Angela Coetzee.

Strategy Communications Manager. Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. 


The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation has worked with Another Love Productions since 2011. Bart and his team have helped us to build a video function capturing our history and translating it into effective communication material. They have also developed a system that stores and tags all our footage over time making all our data searchable. In addition, the team has developed effective animation material to translate our messaging into audience appropriate content. 

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Bart. I started out with limited knowledge about the filming process, and despite this I was gently coached by Bart whilst getting exactly what we needed to meet our goals. Bart's anthropological approach to film has also ensured that we have authentic and effective content. 

Having since engaged with other production companies I have come to realise that Bart and his team are experts in this field. They have not only delivered excellent service, I have also learnt a lot. I am very grateful for that. I would recommend them to any organisation, specifically those with the aim of making a societal impact.

Injauri Kulundu-Bolus

Social Practitioner, Facilitator, PHD Researcher Rhodes University..

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Anotherlove Productions on many occasions. The most recent of these involves creating a  film component for my Doctoral thesis through Rhodes University on Education for Social Change in Contemporary South Africa.


It has been an incredible asset for us as a research team to engage with Anotherlove on this production. From the onset of the project we were continually encouraged by their willingness to understand the critical questions that research engage with and the research framework that we are working on. Few film agencies I have interacted with have taken the time to immerse themselves considerably in what the research was about. The result of this has been a very nuanced understanding of what the research is trying to achieve and creative collaboration on site that intuitively worked to capture material that works well with our themes.


Bart Love has worked seamlessly with young learners  from all across the country on this film and has the uncanny ability to literally disappear in the background while catching this amazing film material. Participants and I have also been very encouraged by the way in which he always engages with the ethical implications of generating a film out of sensitive material. He and his team work in a way that creates a conducive environment in which everyone just feels free to be themselves and offer what they feel is most important to a film that we are creating together.


Lastly, and most importantly the excellent quality of the film material that has been generated speaks for itself. We are very pleased to have our research come together in this way and know that it impact will reach many people. This is the first time that we have begun to understand the power that film holds as a living conduit of the research, and it is no doubt because of the high level of service and artistry that Another Love Productions hold. Their work would be an asset to any contemporary research work that seeks to engage the public in innovative ways.

Chris Meintjes  

CEO of Activate Leadership and Siyashesha Leadership Incubator


‘I have worked with Bart for the last 5 years and have benefited greatly from his skill as producer and director and filmmaker. He has assisted the Activate organisation in developing some very powerful video material that showcases our work, gives identity and life to our brand and also tells some very high impact stories. Bart really shines in his ability to tell stories, especially those that are challenging to tell, stories that deal with identity and youth challenges are not easy to capture and Bart has crafted these experiences with depth and empathy. Working with Bart and Another Love Productions has elevated our ability to garner support for our work and also celebrate its impact with numerous stakeholders.  Bart is also a professional at heart and his attention to detail and real passion for the medium makes all experiences with him and his team a real pleasure

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